Supertrim Nylon Line 1.7MM -Strimmer Cord Wire


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  • Packing: Boxed
  • Quantity per box: 12
  • .065” / 1.7MM (50FT)
  • Minimum order: 1 Box.
  • Suitable For DIY Bent Shaft Strimmers


Supertrim Nylon Line 1.7MM Strimmer Cord Wire

SUPERTRIM NYLON LINE 1.7mm will make it easier than ever to trim your lawn with its durable, flexible, and lightweight nylon line that won’t break or tangle like traditional wire trimmers. The round shape of the line makes it easy to cut without getting caught on anything in the garden. This strimmer cord is perfect for anyone who wants to spend less time trimming their lawn and more time enjoying it.

The pre-pack range is conveniently cut and comes in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. It boasts added rigidity for improved cutting. Furthermore, it features ultra weld resistance and improved impact strength.  It also comes colour coded by diameter size.

With SUPERTRIM PRE-PACK NYLON LINE 1.7mm, you’ll be able to get everything done quickly and easily while still maintaining an impeccable look. Altogether a reliable professional grade strimmer wire which is of high quality and durability.

  • Packing: Boxed. Quantity per box: 12.
  • Minimum order: 1 Box.
  • Suitable For DIY Bent Shaft Strimmers


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